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Arthur Rimbaud by Herve Constant

Welcome to the Rimbaud & Verlaine Foundation

Using inspiration from the French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, the Foundation wishes to encourage engagement with the arts, especially among those with clear social and educational need, and to broaden horizons by means of cultural exchange.

Portraits_avec_la_Malle_by_Herve_Constant_collection_Rimbaud_Museum_France_by Herve Constant

Jazz from the Playing Card Factory

A live concert on October 10 featuring the international award-winning Romanian jazz pianist, classical clarinettist, composer, and arranger Sorin Zlat and his quartet.

The show will feature original jazz compositions inspired by the French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, and by the Chas & Goodall Playing Card Factory, a centre for technical innovation and artistic creativity, which in 1873 was situated right next door to the house where the poets lived in Royal College Street in Camden.

Tickets for this outstanding event start at just £9.50

More details and booking information on the Kings Place website.

Le Dernier Voyage by Herve Constant

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